Refer A Friend

EARN $10.

Why do we have a Refer a Friend programme?

Our passion (if it's not already obvious!) is evolving luxury organic and natural beauty into the mainstream choice it should rightly be. We want ALL women to benefit from a reduction of toxins in, on and surrounding their bodies, we want to support ethically-run businesses, and we want OUR planet to benefit from the use of sustainably sourced, naturally produced ingredients and a reduction in careless resource depletion.

Your support in this process is paramount. It will help artisan manufacturers compete with the mega-corporations, whose marketing and advertising budgets of multi-millions of dollars simply drown out the smaller, less vocal competitors. You are the champions of change.

Our Refer A Friend programme is our way of supporting YOU and giving thanks for sharing I Am Natural Store's vision with your friends and colleagues. So, every time a friend you refer becomes a first-time customer at, you will receive a unique $10 off promo code to redeem at and your friend will receive 10% off their first order.

How do you refer a friend?

Click on "Rewards Points" at the top of your screen and in the pop up window under the Account heading and you will find a “Refer a Friend” button at the bottom. This will open a new pop up window with referral options tailored specifically for you... choose to share our passion via email or social media.

If you choose email, we will send a message to your friends with a unique link that will associate them with your referral. If you select social media, your unique link will be embedded in the post, and any of your friends that click through to shop at I Am Natural Store will be associated with you. You can return to the Refer-a-Friend button of the Rewards Points "Account" tab again and again to refer more friends.

How it works

Every time one of your referred friends become a first-time customer at I Am Natural Store they will receive a coupon code for 10% off their first purchase. And after they make their purchase, we’ll email you a $10 off promo code in thanks for your great support. There's no limit on how many friends you can refer. Each $10 promo code you earn can be used only once.

Please note

Referred friends must be new customers to I Am Natural Store for you to be eligible to earn the $10 promo code. We would ask you to please be mindful of our ethical reputation and to please refrain from SPAM-like dissemination of your unique Refer a Friend link. Under Australian law, you must also disclose the incentives of this programme to any friends you refer.

I Am Natural Store reserves the right to terminate or disqualify you from the Refer A Friend programme immediately or in the future if our Terms are violated. In the event of a violation, any credits in your account may be forfeited I Am Natural Store reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Refer a Friend programme (or any part thereof), either temporarily or permanently, with or without notice. I Am Natural Store will not be liable to you in the event of any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Refer a Friend programme.