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  • For best results please wash before using.

    Washing natural cotton towels before use begins the 'breaking in' process, making them softer and more absorbent. Several washes are necessary for the towels to reach their maximum absorbency, softness and fluff. The more you wash these, the softer they become. Launder washcloths in warm water with gentle detergent. Do not use bleach. Do not use fabric softener as it decreases absorbency and coats the fibres with chemicals.

    Machine wash warm 30 degrees C
    Do not use bleach or fabric softener
    Tumble dry low
    Do not dry clean
  • 100% organic cotton

    * ECOCERT Organic
  • Hand-loomed, 100% organic cotton wash cloths for your beauty and self-care routines.

    Made from ECOCERT Organic Cotton, these face washers are handmade in Turkey by native artisans who use a 400-year-old weaving technique. The quality of the construction is matched only by the purity of the raw materials, all of which adhere to the highest Global Organic Textile Standards. No dyes, bleach or chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, so the natural white color of the finished material may vary slightly.

    These towels embody the Josh Rosebrook ethos of conscious consumption, and you can be assured these towels are crafted with strict attention not just to environmental impact, but to every stage of the manufacturing process, including the people who weave every one of these washcloths.

    Wash cloths are are approximately 14 inches square, and will shrink slightly after washing.

    Made in Turkey
    2 cloths

    Discover the Brand – Josh Rosebrook
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